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We launch or transform companies by building digital products at speed.


Tekna is the leading union for academics with an MBA in the field of science and technology. We've worked with Tekna on the long term vision and strategy for their ambitious focus on career and competency development, as well as developing digital membership services to meet these goals.

Karrierekompasset ("The career compass") is on the front line of this new initiative, seeking to guide members throughout their career. The service uses a neural network to match a member's profile data with data from Tekna's 80 000 members. Each member gets a unique overview of their labor market and a score for how relevant a company is for them.

As members build their CV with new education, skills and work experience they get updated results, making Karrierekompasset relevant throughout their working life.


We rebranded Milslukern, the iconic sports store that is preferred by top athletes within cross-country skiing, road cycling and other high-intensity, endurance training.

The brand is notorious for delivering high quality, excellent service and expert advice, and it was important for us to maintain this legacy and credibility while paving the way for future success.

We also got them up and running with a new, member-centric webshop, publishing tool and back office systems, enabled by the unique e-commerce platform we’ve built from scratch for Anton Sport.


Sportsnett is probably the best outdoor retailer in Norway, delivering high-end equipment for climbing, hiking, skiing – and even professional expeditions. We did the rebrand when they opened up their second shop, with a new visual identity inspired by climbing up and racing down summits.

The branding was applied in their stores and online on the new e-commerce platform we’ve set them up with (and built from scratch) providing an integrated shopping experience.


Harvest is a global factor-based fund that merges machine learning with tried and tested investment practices.

We’ve worked with them on branding, positioning, and product – building an easy to use platform for buying, selling, and checking your funds, and helping them easily communicate intricate investment strategies.


We’re working with engineering company Nortek to communicate and sell their advanced instruments for measuring movement under water, including setting them up with a brand new visual identity and website.


We partnered with SNØ on a strategic level to conceptualize and design the user experience for the world’s largest indoor ski resort. Ahead of its opening in 2020, we also launched a digital platform where early movers could register and get access to exclusive presale tickets (which sold out within minutes).


We collaborated with smart sound system startup Unisound to refine and develop their business plan, visual identity and product presentation before pitching investors and partners in Silicon Valley.


We developed the brand strategy and visual identity for car sharing startup Hyre, which is backed by Møller Mobility Group.


We prepared the brand strategy, visual identity and website of freight comparison service Xeneta ahead of its international breakthrough.


We helped the Nordic Office of Architecture reposition itself by developing a new communications strategy, visual identity and website.