Creating lifelong customer relationships

New suit

Krogsveen’s strategy is to make life easier for everyone who wants to move, buy or sell a property. They rebranded in early 2018, and we’ve made their new brand identity come alive online. With an emphasis on white space, air, and their signature green, the new is designed with the feeling of an open summer house in mind – not a cramped one-bedroom apartment. You’re given one choice upfront, designed to answer the one question any homeowner has: what is my property worth?

All in one

Krogsveen offers a wealth of services, from digital tools like automatic home valuation and price statistics to analog services like helping you find and buy the right home. Recently they became the first real estate agent to offer storage, cleaning and moving when you purchase property. We collected all these services –13 in total– on the new, making it the hub for all current and future offerings.

Lifelong relationships

People’s choice of a realtor is often an afterthought. For real estate agents, this means few recurring customers and high acquisition costs. People simply don’t have a good reason to return. The new is built to change this. Most realtors let you check the value of your home online but only Krogsveen lets you track its value over time. By registering you can follow the fluctuation of your home’s valuation – the biggest investment most of us do – like any other investment.

Be the first to know

Krogsveen has been building Norway’s biggest register of homeowners since 1995, and have a unique insight into thousands of people who are looking to sell or buy. Many of these people trust Krogsveen with the sale of their homes. With a registered user on customers can now get notified ahead of everyone else when properties are about to hit the market. By saving their search criteria homeowners will never miss out on the perfect place that matches their specifications.

Making the content shine

One of the first names on journalists' call sheets, whenever there are changes in the property market, is to Krogsveen’s CEO. In addition to being a trusted voice in the media, Krogsveen also produces and publishes a huge amount of relevant content on A lot of homeowners enter the webpage through this content, so making sure it’s easy to read and that it funnels readers further to Krogsveen’s services have been key when making their magazine section.


Visits to have increased by 53% compared to last year, and registrations to their register of homeowners are up 71,4%. The number of automatic home valuations passed 100 000 in a few weeks’ time.

Our work with Krogsveen has just begun. We’re constantly improving the experience on and adding new features and services.

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