Unfold – Product development company in Oslo, Norway
We invent concepts, strategies, and products that help companies stay ahead in rapidly changing industries.
We design user experiences people love, from branding to graphic design, copy and content.
We build and integrate technology, bringing products and features to market at speed.
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Meet the team

Egil Stene-Johansen
Victoria Karlsson
Janne Mæle
Jeanett Wilberg Schibbye
Andreas Ziener
Marita Viken
Einar Löve
Chris Allan Simonsen
Hannes Waller
Greg Lusk
Jan Kristian Haavi
Morten Harnang
Martin Klausen
Robin Andersen
Max Berg
Ekaterina Orlova
Maciej Glowacki
Stig Melón-Bratvold
Mona Ulnes Flatåker
Fredrik Brudeseth Kaasa
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