Reshaping renovation

What we did

  • Positioning
  • Company strategy
  • Product vision
  • Brand platform
  • Naming

Renovation sucks. Why can’t it be better? Steddy lets contractors and customers have complete control of their project.

A good offer

The offer is sent on SMS and the job description is easily accessible digitally. All communication is kept topic specific. Bye bye email threads and offer_final_V3.pdf.

Complete project control

Customers and contractors can access their project whenever they need to. Redo your basement while relaxing on the beach.

Always up-to-date price

Cost control is extremely important in renovation projects. With Steddy, all decisions are accounted for and any changes must be approved by the customer before they can be invoiced by the contractor.

Source of Truth

Communication between all parties is key to delivering any renovation project on time. Steddy makes communication between the client and contractor easy.

Smooth invoicing

Construction work can be hard; invoicing shouldn’t. To minimize time spent on administrative tasks, invoicing is as simple and transparent as possible.
Ease of use for the administrator and ease of heart for the client.


A major opportunity

Mestergruppen – one of Scandinavia’s leading corporations in building supplies and housing construction – wanted to enter the renovation market. As a major player they had the possibility to launch a concept that could solve issues for both customers and contractors alike – in an 80 billion NOK market.


Quality and control

The renovation market suffers from low customer trust and low profitability for contractors. To take the position as a leader in the market Steddy:

  • Quality controls contractors who applies for partnership
  • Offers delivery guarantee for all projects
  • Gives customers free expert consultation
  • Delivers a unified brand and experience
  • Develops a proprietary digital platform for contractors and customers

A roaring kitty

Steddy caters to two distinctly different target audiences: construction workers and private homeowners. The brand had to appeal to managers who want their company to be part of Steddy, and whose employees will have the Steddy brand on their cars and clothes. It needed to be bold. At the same time, it must feel modern to customers, with softer qualities in order to inspire and build trustworthiness.



  • Steddy contractors have a higher hit rate on offers than the industry standard
  • Customers who have finished a project rate it 4.7/5 stars.

Steddy is launching nationally in 2023 and we’re constantly rolling out new features to make it easier to plan and execute big and small renovation projects.

Steddy launched nationally in 2023. We’re constantly rolling out new features to make it easier to plan and execute big and small renovation projects.

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